Damla Çay

Design Researcher

Damla Çay is a design researcher with an interest in understanding human experiences related to data and designing meaningful human-data interactions. Her main research interest lies in adapting, extending and enriching existing data visualisation design and evaluation methods.

Dr. Damla Çay is a researcher and designer and holds a PhD in Design, Technology and Society from Koç University, where she combined academic expertise with creative insight to delve into human experiences with data. Her PhD was co-supervised by Prof. Dr. Asım Evren Yantaç, Koç University and Prof. Dr. Till Nagel, Human Data Interaction Lab. Damla’s doctoral pursuits focused on refining user-centered design and evaluation methods for data visualisations, which led to the creation of collaborative tools for crafting impactful visualisations. Her work extended to designing geographical data visualisations tailored to non-experts, balancing data complexity with user-friendly interfaces. Her research explores user experiences in data visualisation, encompassing sensory and emotional facets. She weaves research and design to create meaningful human connections with data.

She is now with the MOME Innovation Center at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.