Student research project won CityVis competition

Student research project PaxMotion wins international competition on urban data visualization. PaxMotion is a visualization system for public transit planners and policy makers to better understand and explore passenger demands.

Running on large multi-touch tabletop, the system enables experts to investigate how delays and passenger load might affect each other through a zoomable Marey chart. Data from different sources are offered on a large multitouchtable in an interactive system for visual analysis. More info on the project.

PaxMotion, an interdisciplinary research project of students from the Faculties of Computer Science and Design, was designed and prototypically implemented under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Till Nagel at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. The project was developed in cooperation with Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH.

The CityVis exhibition shows projects from science, urban planning, activism and art that deal with the visualization of urban data. The CityVis 2018 competition presents the best submissions, selected by an international programme committee. Together with the other winning projects PaxMotion will be exhibited from Monday, 22.10.2018 in the Lichthof of the Senate Administration for Urban Development and Housing in Berlin.

Press Release, Hochschule Mannheim