Visual Analytics for healthcare professionals and researchers

Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine (MIRACUM) is a research initiative of ten university hospitals, two universities of applied sciences and one industrial partner. The spotlight is on the data integration centres that will be embedded in the hospital IT-infrastructure and will facilitate the collection and exchange of data within the consortia university hospitals. Three use cases shall prove the effectivity of the innovative infrastructure with direct and prompt improvement of patient care. Data protection and data security are given top priority in this venture.

In this project, the HIDL is developing visualization systems to support diverse groups of users.

  • For chief physicians and clinic management, we are developing a tool to visually analyze readmissions in intensive care units. Through expert interviews and workshops, we identified a collection of tasks, and design goals. The aim is to support identifying peaks, discovering temporal patterns, comparing wards, and investigating potential causes.
  • For healthcare professionals, we are creating a tool to analyze progressions of chronic lung diseases. We employed a user-centered design approach in order to better understand the physicians’ needs in providing better patient care, and how temporal visualizations of pulmonary function test results and lab values may help in their daily routine.
  • For medical researchers, we are investigating visualization and interaction techniques to support the comparison of single patients to their cohorts.

Artefacts from the process of developing visualizations for analyzing chronic lung diseases.