Two papers in medical informatics journals

Interactive Visualizations for Chronic Lung Disease Analysis in JAMIA

We are pleased to share our paper “Designing Interactive Visualizations for Analyzing Chronic Lung Diseases in a User-Centered Approach” has been published in JAMIA, a top-tier journal that publishes research on the intersection of informatics and health care. The paper, Led by René Warnking and Jan Scheer, discusses the development of a web-based prototype designed to help medical practitioners analyze lung function data more efficiently.

The study involved workshops with experts to gather requirements and iteratively design the prototype. The feedback from an initial formative study was positive, although some usability issues were identified and addressed in subsequent iterations. This user-centered design approach aims to make it easier for practitioners to compare lung function exam records. This research is part of the MIRACUM project.

Check out the paper here.

Scoping Review on Evaluating Wearables and Companion Apps in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth

We also have another publication to highlight: As part of her ongoing dissertation research, Preetha Moorthy’s work has been published in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth, a leading journal focusing on mobile health technologies. The paper, “Attributes, Methods, and Frameworks Used to Evaluate Wearables and Their Companion mHealth Apps: Scoping Review”, provides an in-depth look at the types of wearables and mobile health applications used in healthcare, their frequency of use, and the methods employed to evaluate their usability.

This review identifies various wearables and their applications in medical contexts, highlighting the challenges faced in selecting devices that are effective and user-friendly. The study underscores the need for more research to better understand the usability and user experience of these technologies.

You can access the full paper here.

Both papers reflect our ongoing collaboration with the Medical Faculty Mannheim / University Hospital Mannheim (UMM) and our commitment to improving usability and visualizations in healthcare.