Keynote at Urban Mobility Symposium

In his keynote, Till Nagel will talk about teaching dataviz concepts using urban mobility data, and feature selected lab projects.

More than half of the world’s population already lives in urban areas. Urban mobility is essential, whether for the coexistence all of a city’s inhabitants or for the economic processes that drive the city forward. Traditional motorised traffic is an important factor influencing air and noise pollution in urban areas, whereas an increasingly diverse “modal split” is presenting transport planners with new challenges. These and other topics related to urban mobility will be addressed at the Urban Mobility Symposium, 11 October 2019, CityLab Berlin.

Besides exciting talks from academia and industry, this symposium features two keynotes from Anita Graser (Austrian Institute of Technology) and Till Nagel (Hochschule Mannheim). Check out the full program.